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Mystic Jarv Weekend of 31 October

Posted by Jarv on October 31, 2009

Ok then, forgetting last weekend ever happened which was a complete train wreck in terms of my predictions.

So onto This weekend, there’s only one game sunday so i’ve done all the games on here.


Arsenal V Tottenham Hotspur

Harry reckons Spurs are capable of finishing above Arsenal,m brave words before a game at the Emirates where Arsenal have been fantastic, No Defoe, possibly no Lennon as well, it would be a stunning result for Spurs to win this one, in fact a\ draw would be a great achievement.

Arsenal have been destroying teams at home and until Chelsea beat Swine flu ridden Blackburn last week had the best goal difference by far and i expect them to win this one.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 3-1 win for Arsenal

Bolton Wanderers V Chelsea

Only one winner in this game, Chelsea will win handsomely, 5 players from Chelsea have been shortlisted for Fifa world player of the year, most of which i can understand but, John Terry has had a very average year at best and i really fail to see how he keeps getting nominated for things he doesn’t deserve like the best Defender in the champions league last season, never in a million years did he deserve that.

Bolton’s only chance is to stun Chelsea from a set piece which they have been a little vulnerable in the past.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 3-0 win for Chelsea

Burnley V Hull City

Burnley’s 100% home record went last week and whether they can recover will be key to their season.

Hull have a few problems at the moment, i would say behind the scenes but its pretty much in public, The Chairman has gone and there were lots of rumours Brown had gone too, He hasn’t but unless their form picks up you can’t help wonder how long he has left.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-0 win for Burnley, and Phil Brown to be the first manager to be sacked.

Everton V Aston Villa

Moyes has complained about Everton having away games after game sin Europe which is the same problem both Man United and Chelsea and i think Liverpool have complained about in recent seasons, and curiously the following year they all got a bit better fixture list after European games from the “Random” fixture computer. However as it stands Everton wont be in Europe next year so wont make a difference and its fast turning into a poor season for Everton and to top it off they have terrible Injury problems.

Villa play their game in hand on Wednesday night and will want to win this game to ensure they can go into the top 4 if they win it. On Wednesday they beat Sunderland on penalties to reach the quarter finals of the Carling cup and will be buoyed by that.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 2-1 win for Aston Villa

Fulham V Liverpool

Liverpool got a great result last weekend against Manchester United without Steven Gerrard, I’m not going to mention the Ref again as i’ve posted elsewhere my feelings on his “performance”. They lost again against Arsenal in a competition which mioght very well have been their best chance at silverware this season.

Its a fine balencing act for Fulham this season, their over riding priority is the League but a decent run in the Europa league brings money and prestige which may in turn allow them to bring in better players and push up the table. Sadly i think they will lose this game.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 2-1 win for Liverpool

Portsmouth V Wigan Athletic

The Portsmouth Circus rumbles on, this weeks installment is a Transfer ban for non-payment of debts which basically, unless they get an infusion of cash, ends their chances of survival this season, no new players means they wont pick up enough points in my opinion.

Wigan broke Burnley’s 100% home record last week which was a great result (another one i got wrong) they sit in the top half of the table and have had a full week to prepare for this game.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-0 win for Wigan.

Stoke City V Wolverhampton Wanderers

Stoke’s home record should be enough to help them win this game despite losing to Pompey in the week the premier league is by far their main focus.

Wolves picked up 2 good draws in their last 2 premier league games, Away at Everton and home to Villa but they need to start turning a few into wins if they want to survive.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 2-1 win for Stoke City

Sunderland V West Ham United

Since beating liverpool Sunderland have lost 2 games, one only by Penalties but its still 2 losses in a row and they will want to rectify that this week, They’re only 3 points away from third, they wont finish in the top 4 but its commendable to be doing as well as they are but they need to get a win at home V West Ham. West ham grabbed a draw against Arsenal last week and might be gald of that point at the end of the season, they will need to start picking up wins very soon or it will be a big mountain to climb.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 2-0 win for Sunderland

Manchester United V Blackburn Rovers

Last weekend United were poor against Liverpool and deserved to lose and will want to get back to winning ways in the league this weekend and should have Darren Fletcher back to their line up but maybe missing both Vidic and Ferdinand with calf injuries, with Neville suspended and Giggs doubtful as well as park and hagreaves still not fit.

Blackburn are having a tough time Swine flu has hit their club and they have Chelsea and manchester United to contend with.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 3-0 win for Manchester United


Birmingham City V Manchester City

Birmingham went against my prediction last week, i really didn’t think they would beat Sunderland and it was a good result, this time its big spending Manchester City who are currently 6th with a game in Hand.

City cruised past Scunthorpe, as they should have done, according to sky City spent more than 400 times what Scunthorpe did last summer. City, if they really have ambitions of top 4 need to really win games like this and i think they will.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-0 win for City

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More next week

Written by Jarv

PS Happy Halloween


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