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Heskey Should Not be in the England Squad

Posted by Jarv on September 7, 2009

7 goals in 55 appearances says it all to me, I can’t understand how he’s still there, Capello says he picks players who are on form for their clubs, Heskey hasn’t scored for his club and is struggling to get in their side. I realise Capello has something against Owen and he’s not set the world light yet either but at least he has scored.

If we must play a big man play Carlton cole, at least he doesn’t give the impression he is going to fall over every time the ball goes anywhere near him. Me personally i would actually play the 2 form players, Defoe and Rooney and the Slovenia game was a perfect opportunity to try them together up front from the start and not just for 20 minutes after half time.

Surely there are better English strikers around than having to play Heskey, Agbonlahor, for one, Darren Bent is playing well for Sunderland, Either deserve another shot rather than Heskey, I understand players like playing with him but if Heskey played for your club and managed7 goals every 55 games would you be saying oh go on have another go or would you be calling for someone else to get a go?

Written by Jarv from Away Goals Rule Football Forum

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Holland vs England Review

Posted by Jarv on August 13, 2009

If only England could cut out the individual mistakes, Holland have already qualified and are a good side but didn’t look overly brilliant last night, Yes i know it was only a friendly but aside from the 2 errors from English players, namely Rio ferdinand and Gareth Barry Holland didn’t really trouble the English defence too much unless we were gifting them the ball.

Jermain Defoe must be pleased with his nights work and is surely due a start along side Rooney next time out to see how they play together. Likewise Milner should be given a start with the main first 11 playing to see how he does as he played well in the limited time he was given.

Glen Johnson made a few errors but there isn’t anyone better at the moment and he does seem to be the best option at right back, Ashley cole had an ok game nothing too flash, Beckham and Young did ok for their time on the field, Lampard Hustled and made a few good passes, Carrick was steady , Rooney was his usual industious self and almost scored in the firt half which brings me onto Emile Heskey.

I don’t understand Heskey, he’s a big tall strong player who seems to get brushed off the ball and fall over an awful lot, If he’s there to be strong and hold up the ball he needs to do so because from what i saw last night his status as first choice big striker has been taken by Carlton cole. Cole was strong on the ball held it up well, made some good passes and seems to have much better technical skills than Heskey.

Written by Jarv

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