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Is there anyone who isn’t supposedly moving to Man City or Spurs?

Posted by Jarv on January 18, 2009

We’re now half way through-ish of the january transfer window and one thing sticks out this window which is different, Rather than everyone being linked to the “big 4” its almost a daily update of yet anotyher player being linked with Spurs or Man City from Superstars such as Kaka to City and another plethora of superstars to the now stunningly overpaid Wayne Bridge to City which turned out to be true and just about everyone else linked to Spurs. I can’t help but think the aveage fleet street hack picks a name at random out of a hat each day to link with a number of clubs who are supposedly interested, fling enough mud and eventually thwey will be right about one and can then claim “Exclusive”.  I’m not alone with these thoughts either have a look at the premier league forum on the away goals rule football forum

I for one can’t understand why Kaka would wantto goto Man City and i’ll lose some resp[ect for him if he does, I didn’t class him as being quite that greedy and lets be honest why else apart from a boat load of cash would he go to City, granted both AC Milan and City are in the UEFA cup this season but realistically Milan will be in the Champions League and City could very well be playing in the Championship.

I also find it funny a couple of clubs have now accused Spurs of unsettling their players, this is the same spurs who reported both Manchester United and Liverpool for their pursuits of Berbatov and Robbie Keane respectively, Still nothing will come of it .

For what its worth good luck to City in their persuit of Kaka, it would be great to see him every week in the Premiership, at least until the end of the season then who knows.

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