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Mystic Jarv Weekend of 28 November

Posted by Jarv on November 28, 2009

No write up last week but i got 6 results and no perfect scores, There are some tough games to predict this week but here goes anyway, Just predictions this week, more of a write up next week.


Blackburn Rovers V Stoke City

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-1 draw

Fulham V Bolton Wanderers

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-0 win for Fulham

Manchester City V Hull City

Mystic Jarv predicts a 2-0 win for Man City

Portsmouth V Manchester United

Mystic Jarv predicts a 0-2 win for United

West Ham United V Burnley

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-0 win for West ham

Wigan Athletic V Sunderland

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-2 win for Sunderland

Aston Villa V Tottenham Hotspur

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-2 win for Villa


Wolverhampton Wanderers V Birmingham City

Mystic Jarv predicts a 0-1 win for Brum

Everton V Liverpool

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-0 win for Everton

Arsenal V Chelsea

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-1 draw

Written by Jarv

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Mystic Jarv Weekend of 7 November

Posted by Jarv on November 7, 2009

Another bad week for Mystic Jarv last weekend, here are this weekends predictions


Aston Villa V Bolton Wanderers

Since beating Chelsea 3 weeks ago Villa haven’t won a game in the league and only won in the League cup on penalties, Their form is something Villa will want to rectify quickly if they serious want to challenge for Europe this season.

After 2 4-0 thumpings at the hand of Chelsea in their last 2 games Gary Megson will be glad to see the back of them for now at least however a trip to Villa park is not any easy away game either.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-0 to Villa
Aston Villa V Bolton Wanderers match discussion

Blackburn Rovers V Portsmouth

Pompey’s results have picked up a little to match their playing form and this is a massive game for them, both clubs find themselves in the bottom three and Blackburn are struggling more than i thought they would this season. They should now be over the Swine flu that hit the club and need to bounce back.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-0 to Blackburn …..just, however i could see it going the other way too
Blackburn Rovers V Portsmouth match discussion

Manchester City V Burnley

Burnley simply are not very good away from home and i can’t see them getting anything here. City are currently in the top 4 which is where they want to be and will really want to be there over the international break. There really should only be one winner in this game.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 2-0 to City
Manchester City V Burnley match discussion

Tottenham Hotspur V Sunderland

Like Villa, Sunderland have not won since their big victory on the 17th October and will want to get back on track as soon as possible, Lee Cattermole is injured and he ha been their driving force in the middle of the park and without him i believe they will struggle without him.

Spurs have had mixed fortunes from their recent matches and won’t be please by the 3-0 beating at the hands of their neighbours, if Spurs truly have designs on a Champions League place they have to win this game.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 2-1 to Spurs
Tottenham Hotspur V Sunderland match discussion

Wolverhampton Wanderers V Arsenal – 17:30

Wolves have picked up a point in each of their last 3 games, asll 3 of which i predicted them to lose, should they get something from this game they will really surprise me.

Arsenal will be pleased with the win last week against Spurs and Wenger must be delighted with their form, they’re scoring goals for fun. There is discussions about take overs going on at the moment but i don’t think it will put the team off their stride and i expect them to move into 2nd by Saturday night.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-3 to Arsenal
Wolverhampton Wanderers v Arsenal match discussion


Hull City V Stoke City

Well phil brown is still in charge but you have to ask how much longer, the statement from the new chairman was hardly resounding and should 3 points not be forthcoming against Stoke i believe he will be gone by the time they play West Ham,  Should Brown be sacked it gives the club a couple of weeks while the internationals are on to find a New boss. The question is, is there anyone better out there that will want to goto Hull?

Stoke Captain Abdoulaye Faye says they can qualify for Europe this season, big brave words given the competition this season, if they are to then they have to win this game.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 0-1 to Stoke
Hull City V Stoke City match discussion

West Ham United v Everton

It was a bitter-sweet midweek for West ham, beating Villa was a top result but losing Carlton Cole was a blow to them, before that game they were struggling for form. Everton were struggling even more and are having a terrible season by their recent standards and failed to pick up a win in the whole of October.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-1 Draw
West Ham United V Everton match discussion

Wigan Athletic V Fulham

12th V 11th in the league, I didn’t see the game against Roma but i undertstand Fulham were unlucky to be down to 9 men. Still at the end of the day the Premier league is their bread and butter and this game is more important in the long term, beating Liverpool was a fantastic result for them and they will want to follow it up against Wigan.

Wigan got thumped at Portsmouth last week and have had a few mixed results since beating Chelsea, they have conceeded lots of goals too and will need to tighten up for this game.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 2-1 Win for Wigan

Chelsea V Manchester United

This game as a United fan worries me, United’s defence has been quite porous of late and Chelsea have been scoring lots of goals and playing great football but it’s never quite that simple is it. I believe United will be really up for this game and could just nick a win but to do that they need to cut out the defensive and keeping errors that plagued the game against CSKA on Tuesday. The normally steady Van der sar will definitely want the first and third goal back and a keeper of his stature shouldn’t have been beaten so easily.

United need to keep Drogba and Anelka quiet if they do that they have a chance, Chelsea have to nullify United’s Wingers which could be key to the game

Mystic Jarv predicts a 1-2 for United (might be being an optimistic United fan here)
Chelsea V Manchester United match discussion


Liverpool V Birmingham City

Under normal circumstances in other seasons this would be such an obvious prediction but Liverpool are struggling and with Gerrard and Torres both doubtful and both possibly needing surgery on injuries 2009/2010 could be shaping up to be Liverpool’s worst season for many a year.

A draw against City and a victory against Sunderland are 2 results that surprised me a little , I tink they will lose this game but if they can frustrate Liverpool ealry on they might, just might get something.

Mystic Jarv predicts a 2-0 win for Liverpool
Liverpool V Birmingham City match discussion

Other Stuff

Although i Know nothing about boxing Mystic Jarv predicts a win for Haye against Valuev, like i said i know nothing so don’t put your house on it

Written by Jarv

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Fifa 10 Review

Posted by Jarv on November 6, 2009

This is a review of FIFA 10 written by Devil_spawn from Away Goals Rule football forum. This review was undertake using an Xbox 360


An easy one to start with, the graphics in FIFA 10 are pretty special, but they’re not perfect.  Player likenesses are not quite there, but during the game you won’t have time to stop and look at the fine details.  The kits are superb, and the overall definition of the graphics is very impressive indeed.

There are a lot more animations in this year’s entry into the long running series, and this gives an even more lifelike rendition of the beautiful game.  Player collisions are much improved over those seen in FIFA 09, adding further realism.


Familiar to anyone who has played a FIFA game before, the control mapping for the face buttons is the same as every 360 version to date.  The major difference in the controls this season is the new 360 degree dribbling, meaning you’re no longer limited to 8 directions to run in.  How much difference this makes in the grand scheme of things is debatable, as there is only so much control that you can exert using an analogue stick, it feels more like a 16 direction choice than a true 360 degree one.

Controls for long shots feel slightly different, and you need to be far more accurate with your aim now if you don’t want to see your intended 30 yard wonder goal hit the corner flag instead.  Passing controls feel solid and responsive, meaning that you’ll seldom be frustrated, there will however be some occasions where you’re trying to pass to one team-mate but FIFA decides you should be passing to another, and it can be a little annoying if and when that happens.


Nothing too ground-breaking on the sound front, Martin Tyler and Andy Gray return to provide commentary for the matches, and some of the interactions between them are quite interesting.  Unfortunately if anything happens on the pitch while they’re discussing a topic (such as the pace of the modern game, or a specific player) then they will break from the topic and not return to it, I have found myself delaying getting a shot away so that I can hear the end of Andy Gray’s opinion on how much faster the game is now to in his playing days!!

The crowd sounds offer atmosphere without ever being spectacular, and the calls from team mates such as “man on” and “I’ll have it” seem like a nice touch at first, but when you’re in 10 clear yards of space and your Italian team-mate shouts in a very English voice “man on” it seems a little out of place.  It’s a nice touch though, and hopefully can be refined for future iterations of the game.


Another big step forward has seen the AI develop into a genuinely positive aspect of the game.  No longer will defenders stand idly by as you run past them, and likewise your team mates will no longer run 20 yards to close down an opposition player only to turn and run away again.  Even on the game’s easiest setting the improvement is very noticeable, and will make you feel more like you’re playing against a capable opponent.

The urgency shown by your team mates when attacking has also improved, now midfield players will look to make runs into the box and support attacks, trying to feed off of any scraps that may fall their way from parried or blocked shots.  It makes the game feel much more solid, and further builds on the impressive FIFA 09.


There are plenty of game modes available to players of FIFA 10, EA has attempted to beef up the manager mode to make it the centre piece of the game, and to an extent this has worked.  Now features such as a wage budget will help to keep you in control of your team, instead of wages being deducted from the general budget after each match.

There are still some glitches, when I hosted Manchester United at the Priestfield Stadium (home of Gillingham for those who don’t know) and beat them 4-0 in the league cup the board were unhappy that I wasn’t doing well enough, and my reputation actually decreased, yet getting a draw in League 1 away at Leeds United saw my reputation increase.

I also saw my second choice right back disappear from my squad, and later found that he was now playing in Scotland without my ever selling him, it would have been far more annoying had it been my star striker who had vanished, but it was still irritating.  I’ve also heard of someone having a player randomly appear in their squad for no reason.

These are things that can be ironed out with patches through Xbox Live, but they seem like issues which should have been picked up and resolved before the game was released.

There’s also the Virtual Pro mode, whereby you can create a player, and via a series of accomplishments your player will improve.  Some of these accomplishments can be done in the game’s arena, such as scoring a single curved shot, or lobbed penalty, while others must be earned in match situations.  This can be done in any of the games many modes, from single matches, to manager mode, be a pro, or even online matches, meaning that improving your virtual pro is more organic than the be a pro was in FIFA 09.  It’s worth noting that you must play in semi-pro difficulty or higher to improve your pro, playing on amateur difficulty will not unlock the accomplishments.

You can also unlock goal celebrations, skill moves, and attire for your Virtual Pro by completing various tasks.  To unlock each tier of skill moves you must complete each move in the previous tier, ranging from simple step-overs in tier 1, to rainbow flicks in tier 4.  To unlock under-shirts for your player you must play 25 matches in the rain, which is not difficult when you play in England!!


There are also a range of online modes, unfortunately I’ve not been able to try these yet, but I have read that the online community can have problems as many players will quit matches when they trail by 3 or more goals.


With Manager mode running for up to 15 seasons, a Virtual Pro to nurture, and the online facilities there is a lot of life to be had from FIFA 10.  EA Sports are setting a very high standard for football games these days, and Konami have a lot of work to do to have the Pro Evolution Soccer series catch up.  Manager mode alone can become all consuming of your spare time, trying to take a club from the bottom of the footballing pyramid to continental glory will take a lot of your time, as you slowly raise your manager reputation, bringing in richer sponsors, improving staff, and attracting new players to the team in a bid to progress.




FIFA 10 is not perfect, it has a number of flaws to it, but they’re flaws which you can overlook because the overall quality of the game is superb.  Menu navigation is slow and a little clumsy, and if you pick the wrong option then you have to go back to the arena instead of the previous screen, manager mode does some weird things and the player likenesses are not quite there for a lot of players, but it’s tremendously fun.  This is a game that makes you feel like you’re controlling an actual football match, if you’re a fan of the beautiful game then this is an absolute must, there’s something for everyone here, and that’s why I’m scoring it  an impressive…


9.2 / 10

Would you like to disagree? read the Fifa 10 discussion thread on the Away Goals Rule Football Forum

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