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Middlesbrough season preview – part 1

Posted by Jarv on August 7, 2009

A new season upon us, but it’s not quite the same as usual for a Middlesbrough fan. More often than not we get to the start of a season predicting the inevitable relegation battle that awaits us, wonder why we aren’t splashing the cash on big name signings and question sales of fan favourites. That was a premiership team however. This season, there is a somewhat unfamiliar air of optimism coming from a lot of the fans (of course, there are still the traditional pessimists lingering around). Most of us are daring to predict we might challenge for the top 2, at the least the top 6 and into the playoffs. We accept that our best players of last season will have to leave, Downing gone already and everyone surrounding the club amazed that Tuncay is still here. Though we imagine its only a matter of time until he does go.

Incoming we’ve brought Leroy Lita. A risky purchase on the face of it, he’s not had that many games over the last 18 months or so, and he’s allegedly got an attitude problem. I suppose anyone would though, if you were stuck in a job where you weren’t happy and they wouldn’t let you leave nor give you a chance to prove yourself to anyone who would be willing to take you anyway. Again though, there is optimism with regards to this signing, the man has proven he can score goals, especially when it comes to the championship with a record of around 1 in 2. Not only that, he seemed very very positive in his press conference, delighted to be here or at least away from Reading and seemed sure he could prove himself to be a good player. Other signings have come in Mark Yeates, an exciting prospect for either of the wings and Danny Coyne, an experienced goalkeeper which we were in need of. Hopefully he can prove to be an astute signing.

Written by Borocooper from Away Goals Rule Football Forum

Check back tomorrow at 9am For Part 2


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