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Norwich Fire Gunn

Posted by Jarv on August 15, 2009

See what i did there eh eh clever eh…. what do you know anyway

I have to say i was surprise that Norwich City scaked Bryan Gunn a day before their 2nd league game. If it had happened straight after the 7-1 Mauling against Colchester it would still have been knee jerk, there is an inherent lack of patience these days in football but to wait till after the club had won 4-0 against Yeovil.

Apparently Gunn was not the current board choice but surely he should have been given a chance in the same way Sam Allerdyce should have been given time at St james Park, I would still expect Newcastle to still be in the Premier League had Big Sam still been there.

So anwyay good luck to Norwich today heading to Exeter, You’ll need it

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