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Football Manager 2009 Review

Posted by Jarv on November 16, 2008

Well first of all it’s become apparent that the launch of the game was a almighty & complete farce with a large amount of people who bought the game, including myself, unable to activate the game and play it, while anyone who downloaded it could play it fine. Obviously this is the opposite effect which SI games were after and hopefully in future they will realise their error. Denying customers who have paid for the game the ability to play it is just going to drive more people to piracy.

Anyway onto the game, after playing the Demo and receiving an inordinate amount of injuries I’m glad to say this has been toned down to more normal levels in the full game. Players are harder to sign in the full game too; several players who were easy to get a hold of in the demo are now committed to their clubs.

The assistant advice is much better on this version of the game and they usually recommend a few decent players to shore up your team early on. FM2009 seems quicker than the previous incarnation too, not as fast as the demo was which moved on at almost a lightning pace.

The new 3d match engine is unnecessary in my opinion, ok it looks a bit better than the 2d version but wasn’t needed and does seem to have a few little bugs, players running on the spot or standing still for a minute with the ball as 2 examples. The whole match feedback from your assistant is much improved and I actually find this useful now.

All in all its an improvement on 08 but time will tell if it has better stick-a-bility in the long term.

I’ll add a follow up when I have played it more, in the mean time for more Football manager 2009 Discussion, visit the Away Goals Rule Football Forum.


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