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Gartside calls for change and a wage cap

Posted by Jarv on October 23, 2008

Bolton Wanderers chairman went on record today to say he wants a radical change to the premiership, to create a premier league 1 and 2 and then have no relegation from there. This would then even the playing field, he also says it might be time for a wage cap. BBC Article

Firstly 2 divisions of 18 teams might be a good idea, firstly as Gartside points out it would help the England squad by giving them more chance of meeting up and possibly enable a winter break, I’m all for helping England but a winter break is a terrible idea, the Christmas football program is one of the best times of the year and sorts the men from the boys, how many players have we seen over they years start the season in great form and disappear into their leggings and gloves once it turns a bit chilly.

Secondly what happens to the other 56 league football clubs (is it still 92 clubs these days, I’ve lost track) with no hope of ever getting into the big time where would that leave them, sure it would be great for the current lower end premiership clubs. Clubs need something to aspire to whether that’s non league clubs reaching the football league or football league clubs eventually reaching the promised land of the premier league.

Thirdly a wage cap will never ever ever work in the Premier League, its impossible to administer for a start, do you give every club the same wage cap as it were if so where do you set it? is it where the top clubs are now? is it at the lower end and force a lot of the decent players abroad or somewhere in the middle which ever you chose someone will lose out. Another option is a % of turnover which would effectively lock in the level teams are at.

My option would be to set a total soft cap and for every £1 spent over it another £1 would have to be donated to a fund that would be shared among the lower leagues and grass roots facilities, this would enable clubs to spend what they wanted but would also spread the wealth so to speak. although i would only consider this if every football club in the league and Europe played to the same rules or we are just going to weaken our teams and help our European rivals.

Another point Gartside makes is once we have 14 foreign owners “we will have a problem” and “At the moment we can still muster enough votes against anything that might change the structure for the worse. Come the day when you have 14 foreign owners we won’t be able to do that.” personally this smacks me as a little xenophobic, what’s to say the “foreign owners”  will all want the same thing, who’se to say that their plaan wont be better than what we have, lets face it it can’t be any more self serving that Gartsides “lets not have any relegation” plan.

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One Response to “Gartside calls for change and a wage cap”

  1. Kieran H said

    You’ve got thjis absolutely spot on.

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