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The Future of Carlitos

Posted by Kieran H on October 23, 2008

Carlos Tevez arrived at Manchester United in a transfer saga that made Robinho’s look like Riera’s, and for a time, it was good.  3 times he scored crucial equalisers from setpieces away from Old Trafford, as well as the winner at Anfield, goals without which United certainly wouldn’t have won the Premiership, and might have cost us the European title.  His all-round play was also excellent, linking up with Rooney, providing the platform for Ronaldo to score 42 goals and United to become the greatest team in the world.  In the return leg against Barcelona, he was terrier like, tracking back and fouling It was like having two Wayne Rooneys.

That is ultimately the problem.  Tevez is an excellent footballer, but he only excels when he is played with another striker, who must have less freedom, similarly to Rooney.  The result of this is that only one of them can be in the team while at their optimum, last season this was not so much a problem, as they were the only two strikers we had, so Rooney was sacrificed due to his superior versatility.

With the signing of Berbatov, however, United have a man with whom Rooney and (in theory) Tevez can play with, which allows both strikers to be at their best.  The problem this causes for Tevez, is that because of this, Berbatov is very unlikely to be dropped, and the alternative, dropping Rooney, is unthinkable considering how good he is when played with a bigger striker.

So when the time comes, what do United do?  Spend an additional £25m on a player they’ve already spent £10m, a player who ultimately will be a squad player, albeit a first class one, or let him go?  I’m sure given the choice, United would keep him but there are two factors which may prevent this.

Firstly, the Credit Crunch.  Cost of borrowing’s going up and up, big recession looks likely, and United are steeped in debt, the kind of money required may not be available.  The other major factor is how happy Tevez, a 3 time South American Player of the Year, will be knowing that he is only there in case Rooney or Berbatov gets injured.  sure he’s come out with some comments about how happy he is and hopeful he is of signing, but he was saying about 5 clubs in Europe were his favourites prior to his transfer to United.  I suspect a lot of his words are put into his mouth.

Perhaps this is an over-reaction to a good run of Rooney form and a spell in the team, and Rooney, and even Berbatov will face similar spells out at times, but having 3 £30m+ strikers strikes me as a strange idea and one we’ll find difficult to put into practice. – Username Kie99


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