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Real football v Fantasy football?

Posted by Jarv on October 22, 2008

no, this isn’t a rant about money ruining football its about being pleased that a player of a team you hate has scored because he is in your fantasy football team.

Someone posted on the Away Goals Rule Football Forum that having certain players in his team changed how he perceived certain events and went as far as to say one of his Liverpool supporting friends had given up playing fantasy football because they were sick of hearing other Liverpool supporters watch Manchester united beat them last season and saying “Happy Days, Ronaldo’s in my Fantasy football team”

Now, personally i try to steer clear of team’s players i want to lose every week, namely Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea to make sure i don’t have any divided loyalties. That being said I’d take Manchester United winning the league over winning the fantasy football.

I have heard friends say tho that they were please Ronaldo had scored because of fantasy football, most of whom really don’t like him which is strange to say the least.

What’s your opinion? have a look at the The Trouble with Fantasy Football thread on the Footy unlimited section of


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