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Posted by Jarv on October 10, 2008

With less than 24 hours until England play Kazakhstan I find myself wondering what has Ashley Young got to do to earn a call up? Of the games I have seen so far this season he has been outstanding with no Joe Cole in the squad surely Ashley young would have been a great choice for the wide left slot. Why? Why is Ashley young not in the England Team

I’m hoping that Capello plays the same team where possible that put in the quality display against Croatia, with Terry and Joe Cole not available they have to be replaced and for some reason I have a horrible feeling that Gerrard will replace Joe Cole and Gareth Barry will end up shunted out left.

For me if he plays in the middle this is the last chance for Gerrard who is a frustrating player, plays wonderfully well for Liverpool week in week out but very rarely is anything better than distinctly average to poor for the England team and I can’t explain why that is.

I’m guessing Matthew Upson will replace Terry in the centre of defence and Ferdinand will captain the side as, in my view anyway, should have been given the job of full time for both Manchester United and England.

As it looks like Gary Neville will not play every week man United ought to have given the captaincy to someone who will and the best choice is Rio.

Finally the above views are my own and if you disagree with them please come and say so on the football forum


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